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We Can Help You With COVID-19 Improvements

Feb 5, 2021

We are here to help!

When things were normal most folks would identify a problem around their home or business and contact someone to help them with it. Prior to Covid-19, a typical response from our business meant an in-person inspection, thoughtful discussion, and a handshake.

In many cases, today personal interaction and service are not an option.

Many people do not want anyone in their home or business, even to inspect, out of fear of Covid-19. With our expertise and years of experience, we can often assist with common problems and offer opinions including possible temporary remedies. Often just being able to speak to a knowledgeable professional about a repair issue offers peace of mind. With our discussion and review methods, we can often determine if a given situation needs immediate attention or can wait a bit.

For example, a homeowner finds one of their toilets is leaking internally and decides to attempt to replace the toilet fill valve. The problem is that the supply valve to the toilet is broken and will not shut off the water to the toilet completely or at all. This is a very common issue with supply valves that are not operated for long periods of time. Now, what?.. the toilet is partially taken apart, water is leaking/dripping at this point an entire range of things can happen, usually all bad. Normally situations like this should be left to the professionals who are just a phone call away, but these are not normal times. Having faced this problem countless times, we may be able to offer suggestions to get you out of a jamb until life gets back to normal and the issue can be addressed by an expert. Obviously, this is not a preferred or normal way of operating our business but it is something we can do for those who have repair needs outside of their wheelhouse.

Attempting a repair on your own is admirable, however, you may want to call before taking something apart to avoid water leaking and dripping, just a friendly suggestion.

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