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Don’t Replace Concrete, Resurface it!

Jan 28, 2021

Concrete is not a material that lasts a lifetime and cannot be ignored as most people do.

Concrete does wear and may become porous over time. These conditions ultimately cause premature failure of concrete. Many concrete slabs and walkways can be saved and made to last longer and look like new by resurfacing the concrete.

How to determine surface wear of a slab is simple, does the slab now have exposed stones showing through the surface. Stones showing on the surface of the slab is a sign of wear. Wear is caused when weathering removes the fine layers on the surface of the slab. Imagine removing single sand grains at a time from the surface. When a concrete slab has stones showing staining the slab will not bond or cover the stones as they are unable to absorb the stain. Some products used for resurfacing will directly bond to the existing concrete. These resurfacing products can be purchased with a color additive in the product. They are also able to absorb concrete stains evenly making them an excellent choice for staining after installation.

An added benefit to resurfacing a concrete slab is the cost. Resurfacing is a fraction of the price of pouring new concrete to get that new pour look. After the slab is resurfaced it must be sealed to lock in the color and protect the slab from water infiltration. It is always wise the test the slab to be sure it is not sealed prior to any treatment and can be checked with a simple water droplet test.

As with many jobs resurfacing is best left to experienced professionals. Getting one try to resurface concrete and doing it correctly is not a figure it out as you go DIY process. Resurfacing is labor intensive, requires specific weather conditions and as with all concrete projects being able to work until the project is completed in a continuous manner. Pool decks, patios, walkways, porches and driveways are all excellent candidates for resurfacing. Resurfacing saves money, resources, disruption to daily life and is a great environmentally friendly alternative to new concrete.